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Happy Clients

LL, Notting Hill


Sarah has completely transformed my admin and filing.  She is efficient, charming and extremely helpful - from recommending good looking files, to labelling them all beautifully, to knowing exactly what I need and do not need to keep.


A real pleasure to have around the place - I missed her when she had finished. And I am usually completely allergic to filing and sorting.  Totally brilliant all round.  

CG, North Kensington

When I first read Sarah's email about her paper sorting service, I knew I needed help, but I couldn't work out HOW she would be able to help me. After all, the stacks of paperwork that had built up over YEARS of inattention could only be sorted out by me, right? Wrong! I made the call, and rarely have I been so clever (or lucky). Sarah arrived and got straight to work. She is a whizz at filing. She doesn't read the content of the papers (she doesn't have time), but sorts them into obvious piles, including a pile that she thinks should be trashed. However, she made me (forced me 😉 ) to go through that pile before its disposal.


Then we bought lots of lovely coloured files from Rymans (exciting part for me), labelled them, and two weeks later she walked out the door leaving me with a hole punch and a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.


Eternally grateful to you, paper-angel Sarah.

Post it note
NA, Baron's Court


It really is a wonderful thing that you have done for me and I no longer approach my study with dread… so clear and easy.

RM nr Bath

“I’ve been McDougalled!” Not only can I endorse all the relevant comments of other clients on Sarah’s unique service, it was the cheerful, professional, swift, and efficient way in which she tackled and achieved it that most impressed me. Apart from sorting out the administrative mess that I liked to call my home office, including drawers and cupboards, I commissioned her to prepare a ‘How to do/How it works/Who does it house survival file on which I can easily build, to enable my wife to take over seamlessly in the event of my demise, rumours of which are not entirely exaggerated.

My study corner in our frequently used dining room was an overcrowded and untidy embarrassment, which I had long since got over, even if my wife hadn’t. It was a nightmare to clean, with the relics and memorabilia of a busy and full life and virtually un-weeded paperwork created over nearly 40 years here and more beyond. She knew what to keep, and letting go of what I didn’t need was somehow made painless. The space created is amazing, even without cats to swing!

I could go on. Suffice it to say that although technically able, I knew that in reality I would never achieve what she did so well, leaving me fully filed, clearly labelled and neatly wired. A large weight has been lifted from my mind and shoulders, for which I am enormously relieved and hugely grateful. Be assured, she was worth every penny.   

JL, Portobello


I'm just about the most disorganised person on the planet and have a visceral fear of opening envelopes. Over time this has cost me a fortune in interest payments and made life a particular misery when the electricity gets cut off or a ring on the doorbell portends the arrival of the bailiffs.


Those experiences are now history, thanks to Sarah. Her approach to organising my life combines an almost autistic approach to filing and labelling with patience and good humour. 


It's a joy to have Sarah beavering away in my kitchen, knowing that my life is improving with each click of her fancy labelling device.

GM, Battersea


Sarah has been so invaluable to us. She has completely sorted and organised all our paperwork - which had been left a little too long and was in complete disarray.


We now have all our household and personal paperwork in order in beautifully labelled files and we know exactly where everything is.


Not only do we have these files and everything in a designated place - but Sarah also lists everything on a word doc – as a quick sight go to if needs be.


If anyone has paperwork in need of some TLC and organisation – contact Sarah - she’s brilliant and so calm and the nicest woman too, to boot.

Post it note
RA, Holland Park


The perfect person to have organise your files - Sarah was great!

Efficient, focused and lovely to have around.

PJ, Notting Hill

Whilst having our house renovated we took the opportunity to organise "our past lives" before moving back in. Sarah came highly recommended to help update and reorganise our extensive filing system, paperwork and documents.


She went through every single piece of paper and filed it appropriately in date order with clear printed labels, leaving a huge pile that she felt we could discard. We went through the discard pile ourselves and threw out all of it, which was incredibly helpful. She knew the rules about what papers needed to be kept, what to discard, etc.


Our life has been much easier after the filing was completed, we can find what we’re looking for and know what’s what, and I’m very happy to recommend her to anyone.

LS, Kilburn

To see your own guilty five year backlog of filing cheerfully reduced to a few well labelled files is a sublime pleasure.


Not only did Sarah carry out this minor miracle in one single day, but she also let my rather flirty window cleaner in and out, which was another thing I wasn't looking forward to. And what's more, she is fully genned up on what has to be kept and what can be thrown.  


Whilst checking through the trash pile, I found three queries. She had them all covered. I just couldn't catch her out.

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