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What To Expect

Paper Organising for West Londoners

I'd come to your house and organise all your paperwork (your desk, your back cupboards, your attic), creating a new filing system or adapting an existing one. I'd leave you with a list of where everything is, enabling you to find what you're looking for and to more easily maintain it yourself in the future.


In the process there's often a huge pile of papers that I think could be thrown away, and I ask you to go through it yourself and discard things as you see fit.

Some projects take a couple of days, some take many weeks depending on the nature of the job, on how often I can visit, and on whether I work alone or we work together. It varies but a typical job as described above takes about 20 hours.

Complete discretion assured. £50 per hour.

Essmacdoo paperwork organising
About Me


I've spent my entire career organising people and things as an Office Manager, Personal Assistant and amateur IT department.

I worked for an individual at the summit of the UK film/TV/celebrity world as all of the above for 15 years. Before that I was at MTV, in advertising, and at a visionary company doing high tech things with something new called 'the internet'.

I've now launched out on my own as an independent organiser for West Londoners. I also build websites for small businesses.

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